Control Intro: Welcome to Control

The Control universe is a big place packed with action and intrigue.

One minute you’re with the soldiers on the ground fighting to protect civilians who don’t want them there, the next your in the middle of a vast battle in the cold, hard vacuum of space, then you’re on the trail of an elusive filter agent with the story’s central characters, Fireteam Black Bear, five of the most dangerous and engaging special operatives in the Coalition’s Classified Activities Protocol.

If that’s not enough to keep you busy then you’ll find yourself dealing with the deadly politics of the unstoppable force that is the Vorstaat, one time industrial arm of the Coalition, now fighting for their independence, no matter the cost.

Bleak Pass is the first in an epic scifi trilogy.  It’s just the beginning of a massive story that unfolds across the galaxy and promises to draw you into an incredible tale of power, murder, betrayal and ultimate sacrifice.  Follow the lives of leading characters as they grow and change and sometimes become the very thing they have been fighting all their lives.

As the war draws to a close everyone is fighting for their place in an increasingly uncertain future.  Step into the story to find out what happens once the Pattern Makers, an unknowable enemy, take control.

Take a look at the Control Wikia to find out all about the Control universe, check out some of the concept art, read some sample chapters from the book or keep up to speed with development in the blog.  Or head over to Amazon and sample the book before buying it.

After all, you’re in Control.


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