Control Wikia: Places

Bleak Pass (Coalition Space)

An SCF secure facility hidden on a dead planet in system HY229.  The Bleak Pass acts as a data depository and quantum communications hub for the entire SCF fleet.

The value of the Bleak Pass is revealed only by its obscurity, even within the Coalition’s own records, and the level of lethality guarding it.


Opstel (Vorstaat Space)

Political and military centre for the Vorstaat.  Whilst all pre-expansionist Vorstaat systems were on the outer reaches of the known galaxy, Opstel is at the centre of the newly created state.  The Vorstaat has a strong culture of privilege despite its revolutionary roots and many of the ruling houses come from this planet, ensuring that the ruling class remains unchanged.


Rassist (Vorstaat Space)

Located at the very edge of Vorstaat space, this planet is of little value in the war or the ongoing affairs of the four states.  Despite a lack of importance and a harsh, unrelenting climate Rassist is heavily populated, with two major habitats, New Midrand and Inanda, covering large portions of the planet’s surface.

Settled by miners long before the war, many minerals were left uncovered as they did not have the technology to gain access to the deeper veins.  Subsequent leaps in mining techniques have allowed Rassist to prosper, but the cultural damage has been done and the planet cannot find a footing on the Vorstaat political ladder, leaving it in relative obscurity.


Orca (Coalition Space – contested)

A Coalition farming planet that is on the frontline of the war, much of the planet has been turned into a war zone, with locals struggling to evacuate with the help of SCF troops.  Vorstaat and Coalition ships fight to maintain orbital superiority whilst the ground troops are engaged in a bitter fight with heavy casualties, both military and civilian.

Tensions have always run high between the SCF and the people of Orca as the locals maintain loyalty to the Coalition, but have a long history of trading with the Vorstaat before they declared independence.  Many elements of the SCF stationed in that region have long suspected the farmers of Orca to be rebel sympathisers, regularly shipping weapons and supplies to the Vorstaat.

No one has ever uncovered any evidence of this political alignment, but it hasn’t stopped the rumours and the SCF intervention on Orca has been problematic from day one.



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