Control Wikia: People

Colonel James Atherton (CAP)

Age: 48

A frontline officer, Atherton commanded on the Brash Flower before being recruited by CAP with a promotion and a new ship, the Maiden Voyage.  He has a reputation for taking on high-risk missions behind enemy lines and out-thinking almost every opponent.

His military pedigree goes back five generations and he grew up in a world steeped in naval tradition.  Applying his almost preternatural affinity for naval warfare, Atherton proved an invaluable asset for the CAP and has gone on to achieve many victories that have stemmed the otherwise ineluctable advance of the Vorstaat war machine.


Major Henry Tesla (CAP)

Age: 32

Commanding officer of Fireteam Black Bear.  Tesla has been working in the field for the CAP since he was twenty two and he has barely put a foot wrong since then.  Marked out for leadership at an early age, Tesla has a calm disposition and an uncommon affinity for strategic thinking.

Tesla comes from a privileged background and was destined to become a banker when he shocked his entire family by choosing military college over business school.  He has remained close to his parents, though, and uses any leave he has to visit them on his home world.

Whilst his team work more as an organic collective, eschewing conventional chains of command when in the field, they all look to him for guidance.  No one under Major Tesla’s command has ever failed to follow his orders.


Lieutenant Susan Casey (CAP)

Age:  29

Resident sniper for Fireteam Black Bear.  Casey has a kill count that remains classified at the highest level.  Often taciturn and used to spending days and weeks alone in the field, Casey initially struggled to fit with the team, but she has since become an indispensable asset.

A Vorstaat incursion on her home planet killed her entire family when she was ten years old and her refugee status almost pushed her into a life of criminality, but a proactive recruitment programme for the SCF gave her a clear direction to focus on and a new family.

Casey’s skills extend beyond weapon accuracy to include tracking and advanced tactics amongst a raft of essential special operations abilities.


Lieutenant Claire Foster (CAP)

Age: 27

Foster spent the first five years of her military career behind a desk after graduating from the Rhode Island Institute on Farrelly Orbital.  A congenital heart condition had apparently committed Foster to an analyst position for the rest of her career, but she was so determined to get into the field that she underwent invasive surgery to gain A1 certification.

She was on active duty within one year and was awarded the Duma Cross for uncommon valour the following year.  Four years later she was recruited into the CAP.

Her analytical and technical skills have ensured that Foster is the first choice for any insertion ops.  Her skills have rescued her team from almost certain death or capture on numerous occasions, making her an indispensable asset.


Lieutenant Isaac Bohler (CAP)

Age: 34

Bohler is one of a small percentage of earth born Coalition citizens on active military service.  Early in the war residents of Holland were exposed to veiled persecution and baseless suspicion because of their imagined relationship with the Vorstaat.  This was almost entirely founded on racial stereotyping and was responsible for numerous riots in the first years of the war.

Bohler’s parents spent their lives facing prejudice and fighting to preserve their only son’s rights as a citizen of Earth and the Coalition.  As a result, Bohler is a staunch supporter of the Coalition cause and channels his convictions into his work.

A weapons and demolitions expert, he has had to face repeated accusations by less well educated members of the military that he learned his abilities as a terrorist working for the Vorstaat.  Luckily his sheer bulk and outstanding hand to hand combat skills have ensured that these rumours were effectively quashed.


Sergeant Donald Sinclair (CAP)

Age: 42

Sinclair is probably the least likely fit for Fireteam Black Bear whilst being the most suitable candidate.  He is the team’s safety valve as he values the mission above all other objectives, even his team mates.  No matter what happens in the field, Sinclair will get the job done.

Despite a long and colourful career in special operations, Sinclair has failed to gain consistent promotions due to repeated acts of insubordination, having been demoted more than once for assaulting superior officers.  His skills and loyalty, though, have never been in question and this has earned him a respected position in the CAP.

Sinclair is the only team member, apart from Bohler, to have strong ties with Earth.  His native home of Scotland was destroyed by a meteor strike in 2163 and his people became dispossessed, but despite the generational separation from a land that no longer exists he has maintained his cultural identity and will fight absolutely anyone that challenges its validity.


AI Designation ‘The Maiden’ – Vessel the Maiden Voyage

Age: Classified

The artificial intelligence entity responsible for general operations and support aboard the Maiden Voyage.  Much like its various AI counterparts working within CAP and the SCF at large, the Maiden is known for its eccentric behaviour and startling grasp of pretty much everything.

AI’s operating at this level of ability are almost a law unto themselves, but they are so invaluable to the war, being responsible for much of the SCF’s newfound success, that their eccentricities are tolerated.  Without them the Coalition would most likely have surrendered to the Vorstaat by now.

Unfortunately this level of success brings with it an almost intolerable level of egotism and capricious behaviour.


Staff Sergeant Steven Edmunson (SCF)

Age: 37

Career NCO currently engaged in combat on Orca.  Edmunson is not generally known for his pleasant conversational skills, but he will kill or destroy anyone or anything that threatens his platoon.  A good man in the field who is able to inspire loyalty through effective command.


Lieutenant Esther Pauls (SCF)

Age: 35

Officer in charge of civilian evacuations on Orca.  Pauls always stood out due to her conspicuous height, but she has always managed this with an easy charm and instantly likeable personality.  Pauls’ easy going nature is not to be mistaken for any kind of softness, though, as she has proved herself to be a resilient and fast thinking officer under fire.


Captain Valerie Rio (SCF)

Age: 38

Commander of the Takanami class destroyer Good Intentions, Rio is currently engaged in orbit over Orca whilst she tries to secure air superiority for the evacuation effort.  Her career has been a long one with some setbacks early on that cost the lives of many of her crew on her first command.  Since then she has gone on to redeem herself, but she has never escaped the shadow of her failures.


Admiral Pitr Labuschagne (Spezaal)

Age: 74

Called out of retirement to deal with the Bleak Pass Incident, Labuschagne is a veteran of the War of Provision and a decorated war hero.  Most of his career has been used as textbook material in military education and half of his battles have been turned into eezies or IEC’s (interactive entertainment cells – the closest comparable form of entertainment for us being a movie).

Labuschagne is a living legend and a poster boy for the Vorstaat notion of destiny through privilege.  Coming from one of the oldest families on Opstel, Labuschagne nevertheless grew up and spent much of his earlier years as a farmer, joining the military later in life after losing his daughter to the war. Compelled to fight in his daughter’s place he used his family connections to place himself in a position where he could have a direct impact on the war.


Captain Hendrik Deventer (Spezaal)

Age: 34

A dedicated analyst and soldier with an illustrious career on the frontline, Deventer is totally committed to his career.  Having come from one of the first  houses of Opstel he was expected to serve on the frontline and remain there until he had honoured his family’s name.  Deventer did this without question and then chose a slightly less suitable career as an analyst as he felt he had seen enough of the frontline to last him a lifetime.  From this point he was committed to using his superior analytical skills to end the war as soon as possible.

This met with some disapproval, but not enough to estrange him from his family.  His choice of wife, though – a woman from his training unit at military school – prompted his family to disown him completely.  Despite losing the fortune and privilege he was destined to inherit, Deventer chose to remain with his wife, Annalie.

Deventer’s groundbreaking work with filter agents made him the first choice for recruitment for the Bleak Pass Incident, a posting he accepted without question, despite his wife’s reservations, as it would take him back to the frontline.


Major Josina Smit (Spezaal)

Age: 36

Smit was born into a military family and embraced her career at the age of six when she willingly went to Boksburg Military Academy.  Smit excelled at field exercises and showed some promise as a leader.  He ruthless nature manifested at an early age, though, and there were some questions raised regarding her suitability for officer training.

An aggressive intervention by her parents soon resolved the matter and Smit was enrolled at twelve years old.  Some questionable decisions in training exercises that almost cost the lives of several children nearly lost Smit her career, but she caught the eye of a recruiter for Spezaal, who recognised Smit’s ability to make hard choices and from the age of fifteen she trained with and worked for the Vorstaat’s publicly recognised arm of special operations.

She was approached by Buro on several occasions during her career, but has remained totally loyal to Spezaal.


Mir Tohno

Age: Unknown

No information is available.  This person’s file is sealed.


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