Control Wikia: Organisations

Systems Coalition

A vast collection of human populated planets and systems spread across the galaxy.  Based on capitalist principles, the Coalition’s infrastructure has suffered greatly since the start of the war.

The Coalition lacks the raw military power of its opposition, but it has excelled in military intelligence and has a scientific output far beyond the reach of the Vorstaat.  A recent alliance with a previously ambivalent race known as the Tekja Masar has secured the military might needed to stay in the fight, but it has so far only proved just enough to slow the advancing tide of defeat.

Proud of its democratic roots, the Coalition has nevertheless managed to engage in many questionable actions in a bid to maintain stability before and during the war.


Systems Coalition Forces (SCF)

The military force serving the Coalition.  What they lack in brute force they make up for in agility, creative and reflexive thinking and unparalleled levels of military intelligence.


Classified Activity Protocol (CAP)

The special operations arm of the SCF, responsible for any covert actions behind enemy lines.  The CAP is known for its unconventional and efficacious approach to military actions and it has become something of a thorn in the Vorstaat’s side.

Any CAP units caught by Vorstaat troops are treated as something of a prize and are rarely seen again.


Fireteam Black Bear

A team of five special operatives working under the auspices of the Systems Coalition Forces’ CAP element.  Respectively the best in their fields, every member of the team is known for their creative approach to wet work.

As a unit they work with almost seamless synergy.  They have run numerous missions together over recent years and only lost one team member since coming together under the control of Colonel Atherton.  Each member has a field specialisation that works as part of the whole.

They are probably the most adaptable and effective team in the CAP and are the first team considered for any high-risk/high-value missions as their success rate is so high.


The Vorstaat

Previously the industrial arm of the Systems Coalition, now a breakaway state, the Vorstaat’s passionate desire to be free from the Coalition is slowly being realised thanks to an unrelenting spirit forged in the mines and mills of the outer systems and a seemingly limitless supply of raw materials for the war effort.

The Vorstaat has installed its own government, but the rapid growth of this new state has not been without difficulties and the constant pressures of war have slowly eroded the sense of freedom its people initially enjoyed.

A bureaucratic, paranoid and ruthlessly sectarian government has driven its military agenda beyond liberty into aggressive expansionism, claiming more and more Coalition systems in the name of freedom from oppression.



The Vorstaat’s ‘dirty pair of hands’, Buro is responsible for every politically questionable action that the conventional military cannot afford to attach itself to.  The department has come under investigation on many occasions and has almost been dissolved twice, but as long as it remains useful during the war it remains an invaluable element of the military.



Home of special operations for the Vorstaat military, this organisation works beyond the frontlines and brings a wide range of military and civilian disciplines together.  More media friendly than its shadier counterpart, Buro, Spezaal has enjoyed many high profile military victories.  There are many more operations that are completed behind enemy lines, with great sacrifice and no fanfare, though, for which Spezaal receive only the gratitude of high command.


The Swaarvag

A select unit of elite soldiers recruited into Spezaal for high risk field operations.  Whilst not all special operatives, these soldiers are battle veterans forged on the field, most with between five and ten years of frontline experience.


The Pattern Makers

No information is available.



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