Control Intro: Bleak Pass

The war is ending.  Time to pay.

The Coalition has all but lost to their former allies and one-time industrial arm, now known as the Vorstaat, a seemingly unstoppable force bent on winning their independence. When the Coalition’s last hope, the Bleak Pass, is broken into it looks like the end is upon them.

Fireteam Black Bear is sent in to recover the stolen data and prevent a catastrophic defeat, but in doing so they stumble across a new enemy that has designs of its own. The Pattern Makers want to end the war, but no one knows what price they will ask for peace.

Follow the Bears far behind enemy lines as they uncover old secrets, fight new enemies and meet unexpected allies. See the far reaching impact of their actions as soldiers and civilians on distant battlefields struggle to survive in the fallout from the Bleak Pass incident.

Epic scifi action, Control: Bleak Pass is the first in a trilogy spanning the closing years of the war. The end is nothing compared to what comes next.


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