This is the end (of part one)


After an unexpectedly long blogging furlough (it was supposed to be a couple of weeks in September) I am back, having finally finished the book.  There’s still editing to do and it’s book one of three, so the show ain’t over by a long way, but I’m very excited to be at this stage!

I had to extend the ending considerably as I felt that I hadn’t given everyone a satisfactory finale.  Obviously, being one of three, this isn’t the end for everyone (although it is, unfortunately, for some), but there still had to be closure and with such a demanding plot it proved much harder than I anticipated.

Luckily I think I managed to uncomplicated things and give the book the ending it deserved.

Here’s the treatment (preliminary jacket artwork coming soon):

The Coalition has been slowly losing the war for decades.  When a filter agent steals vital intel from the Bleak Pass it looks like they might lose the war a lot sooner than expected.

Fireteam Black Bear is sent in to retrieve the data and in doing so they uncover a plot by the mysterious Pattern Makers to end the war.  The problem is their plan doesn’t involve either side winning.

Espionage, treachery and terrorism provide the backdrop to an explosive military scifi epic, packed with massive battles, blistering action and engaging characters.

Join the fight in part one of the Control trilogy.  Which side are you on?



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