Further than you think


Once I had the end in sight I decided to devote all my energy to finishing the book.  I was on the last chapter and it was just a matter of tying up all the plot ends into a neat bundle, tagging a big death star style bang on the end and calling it a day.

Why is nothing ever that easy?

The final chapter turned into the final five chapters, plot lines diverged, conflicts grew, motivations changed and certain characters that will remain nameless delivered much longer speeches than I thought they would (some of those guys just don’t know when to shut up).  The story as it was remains very much intact, but as I’ve said before, it’s only when you get close to the woods that you realise just how many trees there are.

It’s making for a much more interesting ending and every time I sit down to write more I’m reminded of how much fun this journey has been.  I’ve always enjoyed writing, it’s like breathing for me, but this book has taken that pleasure to another level; writing Control has been like watching my own scifi blockbuster in my head (I only hope that’s how it comes across)!

So, the end is further away than I thought, but it’s been a blast getting there and I think I may be sorry when I finally get there.

Looking forward to book two!


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