Character Profiles – Spezaal Operatives Deventer & Smit


Captain Hendrik Deventer (Spezaal)

Age: 34

A dedicated analyst and soldier with an illustrious career on the frontline, Deventer is totally committed to his career.  Having come from one of the first  houses of Opstel he was expected to serve on the frontline and remain there until he had honoured his family’s name.  Deventer did this without question and then chose a slightly less suitable career as an analyst as he felt he had seen enough of the frontline to last him a lifetime.  From this point he was committed to using his superior analytical skills to end the war as soon as possible.

This met with some disapproval, but not enough to estrange him from his family.  His choice of wife, though – a woman from his training unit at military school – prompted his family to disown him completely.  Despite losing the fortune and privilege he was destined to inherit, Deventer chose to remain with his wife, Annalie.

Deventer’s groundbreaking work with filter agents made him the first choice for recruitment for the Bleak Pass Incident, a posting he accepted without question, despite his wife’s reservations, as it would take him back to the frontline.

Major Josina Smit (Spezaal)

Age: 36

Smit was born into a military family and embraced her career at the age of six when she willingly went to Boksburg Military Academy.  Smit excelled at field exercises and showed some promise as a leader.  Her ruthless nature manifested at an early age, though, and there were some questions raised regarding her suitability for officer training.

An aggressive intervention by her parents soon resolved the matter and Smit was enrolled at twelve years old.  Some questionable decisions in training exercises that almost cost the lives of several children nearly lost Smit her career, but she caught the eye of a recruiter for Spezaal, who recognised Smit’s ability to make hard choices and from the age of fifteen she trained with and worked for the Vorstaat’s publicly recognised arm of special operations.

She was approached by Buro on several occasions during her career, but has remained totally loyal to Spezaal.


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