This is the end


So, things are finally wrapping up for Control: Bleak Pass.  The story lines are coming to a close and the big final event is waiting in the wings.  Of course this isn’t the end for the Control story, it really is just the beginning, but like all good stories this part of it has a beginning, a middle and an end.

I mentioned in an earlier blog how this point had been in the distance for such a long time and while it was always going to end this way the path there had looked a lot simpler when it was in the distance.  Now that I’m up close everything has become intensely complex and characters are being forced to make hard decisions that will affect the outcome of the war and their own futures.

The decisions in themselves are easy enough; it’s the why that continues to vex me.  Not that I didn’t have the why until I got to this stage, it’s just that it made a lot more sense when I was all the way down the road at the beginning of the story.  A lot has happened since then and now the why is far more complicated and in many cases merits more exposition than it might have previously been earmarked for.

This is okay, though.  Wrestling with probabilities and possibilities is one of the endless pleasures of creative writing, for me at least.  I want to know what the moral sense is behind certain actions and discovering that what I thought was X has turned out to be Y (especially when the answer still has to be 7) is like having the best puzzle in the world.

One thing I can assure you of, though, whatever the moral machinations of the plot as it draws to a close, it really is going to go out with a bang (no clues there, given that the book has been packed with bangs since chapter one).


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