The Russians


Reduced to a footnote in Vorstaat history, this collective of Slavic peoples gathered under the common identity of Russkiye, adopting the mantle of the Titan settlers that originally constituted the majority of their population.  Until their forces were disbanded early in the war they were a formidable force and an unexpected ally to the Vorstaat.  Since then they have become a disgruntled, often criminalised minority.

Occupying the low skill manual labour sectors of Vorstaat society, the Russians can often be found in the Industrial sectors of the less popular and generally economically unsuccessful planets.  This was never a choice they made; the Vorstaat were ever a closed people and they were quick to shun the Russians once they ceased to be of use in the war.  Unable to settle on Coalition worlds and all but excluded from Vorstaat society, the Russians were left in an impossible position and ultimately chose to abandon their pride and become low paid migrant workers or criminals (often both).

Despite years of exclusion there were many within the Russian collective that considered themselves to be pure Russian and would not abandon their past entirely.  Most of them had been career military and were highly trained in combat.  One of their specialities during the war was explosives and weapons development, which left many people wondering why the Vorstaat abandoned them so early in the conflict when they were such a useful asset (the most common theory being that the Russians were too much of a threat and the Vorstaat wanted to break them before they realised their own potential).

Most of these old guard Russians were members of the Voshkod Revolutsii, a revolutionary collective that had been branded as terrorists by the Vorstaat and who worked constantly to disrupt the Vorstaat war effort.  Since coming into being they had been considered by the SCF’s covert operations branch CAP as a potential ally, but all efforts to make contact had failed.  The Voshkod, it appears, were done taking sides.

A central contingent of this collective reside on Rassist, unaware that they are about to be caught up in the tide of the war.  Perhaps they will finally get to make a difference.


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