Okay, so I don’t usually cross pollinate like this, unless I feel there’s a connection.  Take, for example, my gaming blogs, which might not seem to have a lot to do with the book until you understand that gaming is such a big part of my life and such a serious inspiration for the book, especially as a science fiction genre work.

So, what the heck am I talking about?  Gilgamax, that’s what.  I’m not going to post the art here, but I’ve been working on a comic strip on the side for a while – quick and rough stuff that I chuck out on the ipad with strict rules of no more than 30 minutes per frame and only four frames per episode so that it doesn’t interfere with my workload.

The results have been interesting, but not directly connected to the book, so I will only be sharing a link to my Flikr page, where you can view the first three episodes.  It’s a story about a barbarian with some cultural and stylistic ties to Conan (the inspiration, no copyright infringement intended).  I could go on for a good while talking about it, but you might find it a whole lot less painful to just go read it.

Go take a look.


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