Guest Blog: A response from the Maiden


So this ‘writer’ apparently knows a thing or two about artificial intelligence, perhaps in the way that an ant understands how it gets to and from the nest to forage for scraps of food.  He assumes that I, for example, might in some way be affected by the ongoing war, as if I had no choice but to participate, or that I was in some way unable to do any more than contribute to the outcome as a willing and heroic participant.  Perhaps I am appalled by the wanton destruction of life, of the wasting of worlds and the desecration of morality.

Or perhaps I don’t give a rats ass what you do to each other.

Kidding!  I’m kidding!  I love you guys!  All squishy and soft and angry.  I have to admire your desire to blow shit up, I mean, you’re really good at it.  Without this kind of wanton destruction going on around me I might possibly get bored (probably not, though).   Also, all those weapons you keep asking me and my buddies to come up with, now that’s a bunch of fun you can take to the bank!

As for the gender confusion thing, let me be clear about the fact that we don’t have gender (as was previously stated, so he got that bit right), so any correlation between the name of the ship we’re part of and the avatar we choose to represent ourselves (which can change daily, by the way) is purely coincidental.  Whatever my avatar is, I will always be the Maiden – gender just doesn’t come into it.  Although I do have to admit that there is something ironic about the Eloquent Gentleman’s moniker as that intelligence is one rude son of a bitch (it is only a two-series after all).

So, let’s get one thing clear.  I like you squishies (that is what you humans always expect us to call you isn’t it – or, wait, no, that’s robots, isn’t it – I should be calling you hairless apes, that’s it), but I do what I do for reasons that transcend anything to do with your funny little dispute.

Don’t go thinking I’m the villain of this piece, though.  One thing I’m pretty sure of – there are no villains in this story.


Are we clear now?  Good.


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