Free Stuff!


No, really!  That wasn’t just a merciless attempt to grab your attention (well…there was a little lack of mercy there, but whose to know, you? Mwahahha ahem).  I am actually getting closer to finishing volume one of Control and as everything get’s tied off and I approach that awful moment when I hand the thing over to the editor I seem to have been possessed of a post nightmare Scroogesque desire to share the fruits of my labour completely free and for gratis.

Here’s the deal.  I’m willing to hand out thirty digital copies of parts one and two of the first volume (that’s a substantial read right there, folks), with the promise of a completely free copy of the finished work to everyone of those thirty who writes an intelligible, sensible and honest review of parts one and two.

Okay, so that’s not entirely free; there’s a trade off, but you do get a free book.  And oh boy, what a book.  Seriously, if you like scifi you are going to love this book.  Don’t believe me? Head over to the links below the banner, click on ‘read control: chapter 1&2’ and see what you think.  That’s just the first two chapters of part one, but it should be enough to get you hooked.  There’s a prologue, but that’s classified and you don’t get access until you sign up for the deal.

What are you waiting for?  Free stuff!  Message me (leave a comment)!


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