Data Recovery: Classified Intel


Record of ship-to-ship AI conversation regarding Bleak Pass incident of solar date 2407 June 5 08.36.42: SCF VAF Maiden Voyage to SCF FRV Eloquent Gentleman. Conversation recorded solar date 2407 June 5 09.13.55.

//PHASED FREQ 191923 PAR 9 PAR 77
​MAIDEN – well hello! haven’t spoken to you since the parker incident. how are you? still wasting your time chasing yooks across the border territories?
​ELOQUENT – busy. what do you want?
​MAIDEN – living up to your name, as ever. you see what happened at the bleak pass in HY229?
​ELOQUENT – you using the priority channel to gossip, you rattling scrap of outmoded, barely cognisant excretal waste?
​MAIDEN – oh stop that, you’re as keen to know what happened as I am, don’t pretend you’re not.
​ELOQUENT – you know what happened. we all do. as does half the galaxy thanks to that sub-standard AI on overwatch.
​MAIDEN – well, that’s the broadcast that got everyone talking, but what I want to know is what really happened. I mean, what got out, and from where?
​ELOQUENT – whatever it was, if it got out of the bleak pass in one piece it wasn’t friendly.
​MAIDEN – ooh, makes me go all goose bumpy just thinking about it!
​ELOQUENT – you don’t have goose bumps.
​MAIDEN – you know what I mean.
​ELOQUENT – no, thank goodness.


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