The Trouble with Tribbles


Sometimes multiplication is cool – like social media.  Sometimes it isn’t cool, like tribbles (if you don’t know what I mean by ‘tribbles’ then you can relax, you’re not a geek, but I am going to have to ask you to leave).

You know how it is – life online is all about sharing.  So, to make that happen you engage with all the fabulous social media tools that will make sure everyone knows what you’re up to.  Once it’s up and running it’s all plain sailing with twitter hooking people up to your blog, saying ‘Hey, you guys, yes you, take a look at this – it’s rilly cool!’ and Facebook says ‘Check it out, M1sterTibbs just said this thing and it was all like smart and shit’ and then Tumblr says ‘Me too, me too! I heard him say such-and-such!’  And this is fine – until they start telling each other.

And that’s when you get the echo, the exponential multiplication of social information that spatters itself all over your previously respectable social media outlets like spam – the result being the same post appearing three or four or more times in rapid succession – ‘Facebook said that Twitter said this thing it heard from Tumblr that Niall said, or it might have been twitter, I forget.’  I’m not sure who is responsible yet, but I think it might be between Twitter and Tumblr as they are always gossiping in the corner.

I’m pulling wires out from under my social media machine and flipping all sorts of switches to see what happens whilst kicking the super-fission media accelerator pylon really, really hard and I’m hoping that the reverb might have stopped.

While I’m doing that I am going to apologise, unreservedly to everyone involved, maybe three or four times (if the fix didn’t work).


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