Getting out the Big Guns


A very quick sketch of the drobilka, Viktor’s pride and joy.

Weapons are an important part of Control and they feature on many levels throughout the story, from small handguns to vehicle mounted railguns and on to singularity seeders that are too big to mount on anything other than a planet.  Getting the guns right has been one of the more entertaining challenges of the whole creative process.

The aesthetics are important, but not critical, as this is a book and less if often better when it comes to descriptions of objects (except, perhaps, Viktor’s drobilka, which is a thing of rugged beauty), but what does matter is what they do.

Getting the physics right has been an interesting challenge and in most cases quote surprising.  Kinetic energy is an odd thing and it doesn’t always perform how you would expect.  I will admit that I am a layman in most senses and if my knowledge is amiss I will always welcome a correction.

I won’t go into detail here, that’s for another blog, but figuring out what happens when a railgun projectile (quite small) hits the front of an armour-plated tank was actually a whole world of fun – a bit like Mythbusters in my own head (Jamie Hyneman’s beard is itching my brain, though).  Suffice it to say that I went into a world of detail over the physics,, because it’s part of the story, more so than the gun itself is.

I guess what I’m saying is – it’s what happens after you pull the trigger that really matters.


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