As this is a new blog and as it’s all about the upcoming scifi novel Control: Bleak Pass I thought it might be good to write about where the book came from, why I started writing it and where it’s going to (that last bit, however, is classified, I’m afraid).

I’ve been writing fiction for over twenty years, but I’ve never found a shoe that fitted very well.  During that time, searching for that novel, I went on a long journey of my own from being a geek to being a whole load of trouble and fun, to being a drunk and a failure, to being something else entirely and then coming back around full circle to the geek that I am, that I suppose I always was.

During the best of times when I was surrounded by friends, to the worst of times when I was that kind of alone that steals every shred of light from your life I did one thing that kept me alive, I geeked out.  I consumed movies, comics, graphic novels and unusual stories with a voracious appetite and I played video games.

Whatever I did, however far I strayed from inspiration I always had the games to keep my brain busy and, without realising it, they became a pulsing vein that ran through my life, taking my mind to places that the rest of me just couldn’t be.  In recent years the games got better and so did the stories.  That was when the addiction – that’s what it was and still is and I have no problem with that – leapt to another level.

Whilst this part of my life was growing the creative corner was shrinking.  I had come so close to a major publishing deal I could smell the ink on the contract and then the recession swept it all away, leaving me with nowhere to go, so I gave up.  I let go and just got on with a normal life, playing games going to work, seeing friends, on and on.

Then the games went beyond entertaining me, they started to inspire me.  I was really taken by military scifi; always swept up in the universes created by the big studios, always sorry when the party was over.  And that was when I extended my interest, full circle, to every other aspect of this geekery – I started to read the fiction associated with the franchises that I loved, eager to live in their worlds just a little longer, which was when I realised what I should be doing, what I had to be doing.

All those years of soaking up scifi, fantasy and gaming had left me with something to share, something to give back – the universe I created in my own mind when the ones I had been living in through games and movies ran out was as complete as it needed to be.  I had everything I needed to make my own fiction, a fiction that I loved and cherished and wanted more than anything in the world to share with all the other geeks that loved the same things I did.

I wanted to build a military scifi world that was filled with heroics and sacrifice and doubt – all the things that I could find in the real world and in the world behind it.  I wanted to make a place where people could do and see amazing things, maybe be moved, maybe even forced to rethink how they see things.

So I started writing and I haven’t stopped since.

This is for you, for all you geeks that have walked the same lonely road, that wanted to be someplace else, whether it was because you wanted to get away from it all or maybe just because you ached to look at a different sun on a different world.

This is for you.

As for where this is all going, I guess you’ll just have to stick around and find out.


2 responses to “Inspiration

    • Thank you so much! Without wanting to sound too hoaky, this really is all about sharing. You can read the first couple of chapters (minus the prologue, which remains classified for the moment) by clicking on the link to the right under the twitter feed. It’s under the PAGES header, called ‘Read Control: Chapter 1&2’.

      Feel free to take a look. Hope you like! 🙂

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