Gears of War: Judgement


As I’ve already explained – I love gaming and it is a core element of my life experience, which has contributed on a fundamental level to the creation of Control.  With that in mind I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a non-creative section on the blog where I could just rattle on about cool stuff like games.

After another long day getting this blog up to scratch I decided to cool off with a little GoW: Judgement and what a delight it was.  My gaming buddies and I have been having some conversations about the Gears franchise lately and we got together for a full Horde session on GoW 3 for old times sake the other night.  It was great fun, but the same thing just kept coming up – everyone preferred Judgement (except Jim, who is old school and still loves the first one).

It has slicker, refined controls, verticality, less maudlin, more personality, properly effective sticky grenades, faster pace, better trophy systems and just, well, MORE, BETTER, MORE.

Okay, the campaign is a little weak on the story, but it’s all about the shooting and the splosions, right?  Amiright?

Anyways, fun session on Horde, but more fun on Judgement.  So for all you Gearheads out there who are still sniffing at Baird’s story – get off your asses and get online.  I will, literally, fight you all (or with you, if it’s coop, cause it would be stupid to fight you in a coop game; that would be pointless)!

As Young Marcus Fenix said in one match recently, when turning someone in to a roast chicken with his flamethrower – “It warms my heart, and it cooks yours.”

Game on.


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